Here is the first bone of contention. What is the difference between a home/landing page and an about page. There is so much confusion.

_DSC7064So I am going along this line. On the Home Page you get a description of what my blog site is all about. On here you are going to get a little of what I am about. Is that clear? good then I will begin.

I am a 50’s child born on the Sabbath to a working class family on one of Kent’s poorest estates. My birth was probably the product of boredom and along with my four siblings I was raised on short crust pastry and not much filling. Hand me downs and basin haircuts littered my early years along with borrowed cups of sugar and unlocked front doors.

Whilst poor we had manners and work ethic drummed into us by our strict parents and our even stricter grand parents. I was not gifted with GCSE’s I got straight A’s in Street Cred and I was universally educated as opposed to university, though some in later years thought me highly qualified I never corrected their idiocy.

I worked hard from the bottom up, yes I cleaned toilets, worked in stores and bars and simply applied myself to everything I did. My reward back in my youth was a knickerbocker glory on a Saturday afternoon at the Wimpy restaurant or a pack of ten guards tipped, I still reward myself today though in slightly better ways.

I work hard and I play hard. I apply common sense to every job I undertake and work on initiative rather than rule books. I learned my trade the hard way and I am proud of my achievements.

I am a great entertainer but more importantly I am loyal to my work and to my clients, they will always get the very best out of me and more than that they will always benefit from my honesty and my integrity, something that is lacking far too much in todays commercial world of advertising.

I adore my family and I love my chosen friends and I know they appreciate my candid character. So if you want to know more about me go to the contact page and drop me a line.