Corruption Eruption

You think your local council is not on the take or the fiddle, think again. Underhanded, greedy, power crazy, dictatorial idiots, total buffoons. We need to eradicate them and replace them all with sound minded individuals that have the rights of the people at the forefront of their minds.


You really could not make this shit up I promise you this is true because it is happening to me right now, today, at this moment in time.

I live in a modest but nice house in the small town of Folkestone in Kent. I love where I live and I am proud of my town even though I am a newbie of only eleven years, you need to be twelve years in residence here to get the full seaside passport!! It’s a seaside thing, you have to be here to understand it. Directly next to my house was a small plot of land owned by the same person that I bought my house from. Everything was fine for a while until this greedy property and land owner started to apply for planning to build houses on the said land.

At one point she tried to get permission to build five ultra slim houses but it was rejected, when she re-applied to build three, even though I and my neighbours objected to the plans, she got her approval to build. These three new builds are ugly and do nothing for the Edwardian aesthetics of their immediate surroundings. When I looked at the plans again I could not believe that even after objecting the approval had been granted, even though she was going to build just thirteen inches from my house, which along with other things would completely block up my ground floor cloakroom window.  This was of no importance to our illustrious planning committee they just waved the start flag and building commenced with gusto.

It was when the walls were going up and the developer refused to talk about a party wall agreement that I realised that the building was in fact even closer than the foolishly (money under the table) agreed thirteen inches, I measured the breeze block now blocking my window and indeed it was now eleven inches away from me. This caused other problems, she was not only building over my window, she was also building over my sewer outlet, my cellar vents and her roof was overhanging my roof.

I started a campaign and telephoned the local council FOLKESTONE AND HYTHE DISTRICT, I went to the offices but they would only speak to me on the reception telephone. I emailed everyone, everyday. I included my local MP DAMIAN COLLINS, the head of the council, DAVID MONK, every ward councillor. It took me six months to finally get a representative from planning to agree to come to meet me at my house and take a look. Whilst he held on to his clip board and looked at the new build he declared “Oh, this is not what was approved” .

Building work then stopped for several months, whilst the developer put her appeal case together under something called a section 73. What that basically means is, OK, yes I built what I wanted not what was agreed and yes I did push the boundaries a bit but will you now approve what I have done retrospectively?’ As the old woman on Catherine Tate would say “What a load of old bollocks!!”

Anyway, the appeal meeting was planned back in November 2018, I attended and was permitted to have my three minutes during which I suffered my first heart attack, thank you for the stress F&HDC…. The head of the council meeting actually stated that building over my window was of no importance, it was after all, only a downstairs cloakroom. I could have died, well I almost did apparently.

The planning committee recommended that the appeal be granted that night can you believe it, well yes I can they were probably already half way through the cash provided in the ‘Brown Envelope’. It was the ward councillors that overwhelmingly stated their disgust that even the original plans had been approved and so the appeal, thankfully was rejected much to the annoyance of the planning committee who were spitting tacks…. poor things and I would not name them here of course, Robert Allan (man with clip board) Lisette Patching (She of no downstairs cloakroom importance)…..

The appeal then had to go to the Planning Inspectorate based in Bristol for the final say. I had to make my appeals and arguments all over again to this bunch of up their own arse red tape pen pushers. I still thought common sense would prevail, I had no idea obviously just how far a brown envelope could go….. low and behold the appeal was approved and my objections were rejected and ignored and building work is now being completed, with gusto.

The local MP was about as much use as a fart in the wind, the greedy OLD developer gets to cuddle even more money in her bed at night and I place my house on the market to see what I can now get for it. Add this to everything else I am going through at the moment and it’s really topped off my year and it’s only bloody January.

So if someone is planning to build next to your house, try as you may, if your brown envelope is not bigger than the builders you are most definitely buggered. Of course if they decide to build what ever they want anyway, there’s a whole bunch of buffoons in Bristol called the Inspectorate, they also accept bonds as well as cash transfers…. You really will never win and the funny thing is all these people are on the TAX PAYERS FUNDED PAYROLL, couldn’t make this shit up could you……… Anyone want to buy a discounted house in Folkestone give me the nod OK !!!


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