Room with a view

The stupidity of planning officers and local politicians, the greed of developers wanting more has left me with breeze blocks where there used to be sunshine.

window one


Yes ladies and gentlemen this is now the view from my downstairs cloakroom window at my once lovely seaside home in Folkestone. But it’s OK, because both the head of our local planners, the planning inspectorate in Bristol, absolute experts in their field have stated that a) it’s only a cloakroom, no one spends a lot of time in a cloakroom and b) it’s simply a functional room and not a room to rest in. I shall not name these people for legal reasons, Lisette Patching (Folkestone & Hythe), John Morrison BA (Hons) MSc MRTPI (Planning Inspectorate Bristol) clever little bastard eh…… all those letters after his name.

The stupidity of planning does not end there of course, oh no, the developer that achieved planning permission to build three houses (rabbit hutches) directly next to my house has also built over the vents to my cellar, the sewage outlet of said functional cloakroom, overlapped my roof and of course cut off all access to the maintenance of my property, but that’s OK because the planners said so. These  lovely new buildings were originally granted permission to be built just 22 inches from my property, I objected of course but, voices in the wind and all that. Then the builder built just 11 inches from my property and broke five other building conditions. It took me hundreds of emails and six months to actually get one of the planning officers to attend the site, they don’t like to leave the safety of their nesting stations, only for him to state “That was not what we approved” Finally I thought, common sense prevails, building stops and investigations begin.

Then back in November 2017 I was invited to the planning hearing to give my three minutes. You see what the builder had done was to submit a ‘Section 73’ Yes that old chestnut. For the uninformed that simply means this, you obtain planning permission to build something, then you build what ever you want to, planning officers tell you to stop being naughty, you then apply for a section 73 which simply put means, OK I know I was naughty and I built what I wanted but it’s there now so can I carry on, can I, please can I, please ? And the planners all sit around and say yes, of course and you get an even speedier response if your grease their palms, google it, not that I am suggesting that for one minute. Though I have heard things about offshore accounts.

So there I am putting my point across and I have the first heart attack, shit, but I carry on to the end and I win the first round. Then the case goes to the big boys based in Bristol ‘The Planning Inspectorate’ I have to make my objections all over again in writing. Finally because the case is so contentious they apparently make a site visit in October 2018. They take their findings back to the comfort of their nests and a decision is made. The greedy, money making, developer WINS!!

It’s acceptable for them to completely destroy my home, apparently I have no legal or moral right to maintain my property even though my guttering is falling down and I cannot access it, it’s tough, as for the vents to my cellar, the overhang of her roof, the blocking of my sewage outlet and the breeze block view, well in the opinion of John Morrison BA (Hons) MSc MRTPI it’s all of no consequence and he has letters after his name to endorse that.

As for Damian Collins our local MP who also shall not be named his response to my most recent letter was utterly pathetic. He states that there are rules that have to be followed, statutes of law that have to be abided by and he has no power over planning. So let me get this right, all the fucking taxes that I have paid all my life through working from the age of 15 years old in order to pay into the public purse that pays the wages of Patching and Morrison and Collins, were a waste of money. It seems that I have no rights, no voice and I don’t matter. I responded to Mr Collins and pointed out to him that in life there are those that tow the line and there are those that are prepared to make a difference, there are mediocre politicians and there are great men. To cement my point I quoted him one of my favourite lines from Shakespeare ‘Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon em’ (Twelfth Night) I now know which category this pillock falls into, and I don’t mean Malvolio!!

So after seeking legal advice the first time round which cost me £150 for twenty minutes (Frederick Hall – Folkestone) and being told there was nothing they could do for me, highway robbers…. I was stuck with a conundrum, solution found, I placed the house on the market and I am getting out of Dodge because my heart and my intelligence just can’t take it anymore. Planners and Politicians you beat me down, you won, you got your results, I don’t know where you purchase your morals from or you sold your souls to but who cares in my head you are all about as much use as a chocolate fire guard. Collins if you ever make it to PM God help us all !!!!!! PS: How’s the expense account going ? !!!!!!!!

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