321 I’m back in the room

After three years that were both weird, scary and wonderful, I am finally back in data and a few other things as well. If you are interested please read on. I may be able to help you.


So it was just over three years ago that for various reasons I not only left Lloyd James Ltd behind me but I left the industry. After 36 years in the data driven marketing world I was ready for a change. What I had not expected was the trail of events that were waiting for me just around the corner.

Burglary, assault, freak accident, life threatening injuries, severe heart attack, open heart surgery to name a few of the things that helped shape my life and took me in every direction that I had not planned.

I am now fully recovered and ready to rock and roll so to speak and to that end was approached by a company a few months back that wanted me to advise and assist in their business growth to make them ready for sale. Ideal for me as they are based in both the UK and the city of Cebu in the Philippines my favourite place in all the world second to my Kent coastal home.

With figures agreed and flight tickets booked I was all set to go and of course excited at the prospect only to have them cancel on me a few days prior to departure. I decided to travel anyway as I needed a well earned break and so off I travelled. On my first night in a favourite restaurant/bar haunt of mine I got talking to a couple of interesting chaps and within 24 hours was drinking herbal tea (I kid you not) at the Cebu Country Club (check that gaff out on Google) discussing how I could help their growing business.

Sharing the same CEO as the SunStar Newspaper group in the Philippines this new BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company is set to fly and very quickly, with the added benefit of being flexible enough to accommodate the strangest requests from new clients.

What they really want are UK customers and that is where I come in. One area that they excel in is building databases through clever market research, sponsored questionnaires and of course with my GDPR whip guiding them along the way (joking of course, about the whip I mean not the GDPR bit) they will be offering GDPR cleansing of existing databases. Add to this the new guidelines set out in PECR regarding PPI calling and the UK is becoming less attractive as an option for any form of inbound and outbound marketing. What we are all about is building data in line with your needs it’s really that simple.

They are already an established BPO centre offering all the usual HR, payroll, publishing, accounting, legal, web design, etc services and have over twenty years experience in providing business solutions so I am happy to speak to anyone about that or any other requirements what ever they may be.

If you want to talk data with me or simply want to find out about my adventures over the past three years I am providing my mobile number here 07854 067912  and the opportunity to meet up and discuss anything you might have a need for. Oh and if you do any business with us there is an opportunity to join me in Cebu and have a look at what we do and a coupe of trips to the bar I mentioned previously..

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