You can make a difference

All around us people are making decisions every minute of the day. How many times have you said to yourself “what idiot came up with that one?” well you can prevent stupidity and it’s in the power of your fingertips right now.


Just two minutes before writing today’s blog I read a message on social media about something that is being voted on in my home town, today. The council is meeting to discuss and vote on entertainment rules in our dying town. This elderly bunch of councillor misfits, hey I’m 60 you know, will be sitting in their semi-circle of power, deciding on the future music and entertainment license rules to see if they should place yet further restrictions on local venues who are trying to make a living and provide evening entertainment for our townsfolk and it’s welcome tourist visitors.

Seems that residents living in flats above shops and bars and in the busy creative quarter of Folkestone (my town) where we have a vibrant music, entertainment and arts scene, are trying to argue that these areas are residential, eeerrrrrmmmmmm no they are not residential, they are what is left of our dying town and they are home to our valued businesses that are doing something about keeping the town alive. Living in flats above these venues and then complaining is a bit like that army of idiots that move to little English villages and then fight to stop the church bells ringing on a Sunday morning dduuuurrrrggggghhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!

I read the proposal, and I read both sides of the argument and then I did something. I emailed my objection this morning at 7.30am, it took me all of three minutes to compose and I received confirmation of receipt soon after. That simply means that with my electronic message in support of the venue owners, my view will be counted and considered as it has to be by law.

Now I am not saying that you have to agree with my vote, what I am saying is that you can make a difference either way,  and the tools to help are right there in front of you. We live in a country where the vote actually counts and we should be extremely grateful for that. Pioneers chained themselves to railings for this you know. But votes are not restricted to designated voting times, you have the power to voice your opinion on so many levels now, about anything through the power of social media.

It’s no longer acceptable for anyone to simply ask, ‘what idiot passed that law’ because the only reason that idiots can pass the laws that annoy us is because not enough people stand and  say ‘No’

Recently I posted on dear old FB begging for local residents in my town to email the leader of our local council to help us save our local historic and iconic underground theatre from greedy developers who would like to turn it into an underground car park. My message was clear, I asked for people to act and I provided the email address of the councillor in question, I can do that you see, he is paid from the public purse and therefore should answer to the public that he purportedly represents. In other words I pay his bloody wages and unless he’s getting a brown envelope back-hander from the nasty out of town developer (pushes tongue into cheek) then he should do what I and others are paying him to do.

This mini campaign of mine went crazy, thousands of hits and likes and a heck of a lot of emails to fill his Monday morning in-box which has already prompted reaction and emails coming back from the council, though not our illustrious targeted leader, maybe he is stashing the green ones into an offshore account and hiding the evidence before he talks…. nuff said.

Emails are the new pen, the pen is mightier than the sword, as Edward Bulwer-Lytton coined so famously back in the 1830’s, so get writing, or tapping the keyboard. In the time it takes you to post a picture of what you had for dinner last night, you could actually be doing something to positively make change and there is nowhere easier to make change than in your local town.

So for any Folkestonians wishing to make their voices heard on the vote for restrictions to the town’s music and entertainment license rules, either positive or negative, make it your duty to email your views now, the vote is today and the email address is

If you don’t, then please don’t moan to me in a couple of months when you want to go sit in a bar in the Creative Quarter of town to listen to some live music but after 11.30pm you can’t find anywhere due to the fact that a bunch of cronies, with their wine filled bellies, all expenses submitted (that’s another story) decided that a dead town is best…… cos I will bash you one !!!!!

As dear old Marti Caine used to say ‘PUSH YOUR BUTTON NOW!’


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