A lasting legacy

It’s not all about me, I wallowed in pity until I realised I was part of a bigger brighter picture. I helped in some way to create beautiful people and that is my legacy.


Last week I attended the funeral of a young woman who used to work for my company. Cheri Lee Mayell Davies – 1975 – 2018.  She was taken from this earth at far too young an age.

I travelled to the church with trepidation in my heart because I was going to face my own demons that day. I was to be thrust among people that had worked for my business,  some of whom I had not seen in many years. I also had the foreboding feeling of failure for having walked away from my company some years ago and abandoning everyone. I have faced many obstacles over the past few years but I never once imagined that one of them would be immersing myself in a crowd of ‘Lloyd James’ people saying goodbye to one of our very own from the past.

Of course the day was not about me, it was a celebration of the life of this feisty young, talented woman. Cheri and I had our differences that’s for sure. Her wonderful Husband Glyn was also on my team back in the day and he would be the first to admit that working with Cheri was not always plain sailing. She was determined, confident, professional, funny, charismatic as well as argumentative and stubborn, but she certainly new how to leave her mark on everyone. Her legacy among other things will be her amazing and brave young daughter Coco who stood so confidently on the day and read her beautifully worded poem to her dear Mum. And of course Cheri could not leave without bringing us all to tears with her own rendition of ‘What a wonderful world’ it was beautiful and thank goodness we all bought tissues.

My day was amazing, my fears dispersed quickly, through hugs and kisses and kind words from girls and boys I haven’t seen in so many years. They made me feel special on a day that really wasn’t mine, yet I felt in some small way that a very small part of it was. I was here to wave goodbye to Cheri, to hug Glyn and to meet Coco but I was also rewarded with the most beautiful sentiments from some of my old team members. They called themselves the Lloyd James people. I was told that I had shaped their lives, given them a great company to work in and taught them things. That we had always rocked when we attended functions and that everyone knew when a Lloyd James team were in the house.

The final compliment was that they all said if I were to do it again they would all come with me and want to work with me but PLEASE not in data !!! maybe a bar !! Now that would be interesting.

So dear Cheri, whilst you and I did not see eye to eye that last time we spoke so many years ago, I know you had a big enough heart to forget, besides you had an awful lot of other more important things to contend with as well. You have left something of you behind that none of us will ever forget, and, though a sad day of goodbyes, it was a celebration of your life and you bought us all back together again, so I thank you for that my darling.

Rest in blissful sleep and please don’t argue with the angels. Thank you for all the funny memories, Benihana’s restaurant, the Chelsea charity ball…… it’s OK I won’t tell. Finally, thank you and dear Glyn for reuniting me with my formidable people and for showing me that it’s not all about me it’s actually all about all of us, together. Bless you darling. X

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