The End is Nigh!!!!

The Data industry is dying due to bureaucracy, red tape, stupidity, ignorance, idiocy, and yet the pen pushers fuelling this demise state they are doing this to protect the data subjects………yeah rite…….my ass…….


I have just heard the news that a well known lead generation company Verso Group (UK) have been fined £80,000 by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) because it failed to comply with data protection law, in that it was not clear with people about what it was doing with their personal information.

I would say to all of you in the data marketing industry, this is a sad day indeed for you. This is simply a bunch of glorified banner waving pen pushers doing everything they can to bring to an end what has been an incredible and enviable industry and in so doing will take us back to the dark ages of mass marketing.

My heart goes out to any business that comes under the spotlight of unelected organisations whose people are there simply to destroy what has been built. Of course if you are doing something wrong then that needs to stop but everyone needs to look at the bigger picture here. All this is happening and we haven’t even started with GDPR, I hope you all have budgets put aside ready for the fines that are coming and believe me, they have made an example of one of your competitors so they are looking at you too.

This further adds to the simmering pot of PPI like claims……. PPI is dead, long live GDPR. These buffoons, rather than work with the data collective, will encourage the stupidity of the masses and claims will be forthcoming mark my words.

In the meantime, as one who landed on the trash heap two years ago, you should all start looking for new jobs, and fast, because the grim reaper is coming for you.

What they don’t get is that by reducing the effectiveness of targeting they are encouraging the rebirth of ‘JUNK’ advertising, so as I have said before, get those enclosing machines fired up because you are going to need to throw an awful lot of shit against the wall again to see if anything sticks.

In the meantime my heart goes out to anyone who is coming under the scrutiny of these pariahs, they do nothing but consume, suffocate and destroy, it is indeed a very sad day.

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