Don’t talk stupid !!

The PM holds a marketing brief meeting in 2019 calling on all her experts to discuss plans for gaining another victory………


PM “What you mean we can’t simply write to the minions, or just call them at home in the evenings, if we can’t contact these people how are we going to win their votes?”

Marketer “Well since the introduction of the new laws under GDPR back in 2018 we are severely restricted in how we can communicate with the populous Ma’am”

PM  “OK so track them on FB and all other social media, get them hooked and reel them in”

Marketer “Sorry no can do, it’s because of FB and the like that we are in this bloody mess to be honest…. ”

PM “Well it’s bloody ridiculous, what moron passed this stupid law and allowed this to happen?”

Marketer “Well it actually came out of Europe and was backed by the ICO and several other non commercial bureaucrats and other offices that serve little or no purpose and now it’s law, you actually signed it off Ma’am”

PM “Oh !!!! right !!!!!!!!! eeerrrrrrmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!”

Be careful what you wish for !!!!!!

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