GDPR Hogwash ‘n’ Bullshit !!!!!!!!

GDPR-SeriesBetter dust down the Phillipsburgs, get the Wenches back on the Benches (That’s mail house speak ) because I foresee a resurgence in unsolicited, untargeted, unnamed direct mail in order to reach potential customers……

Methinks that maybe Royal Mail had a say in this in order to boost wavering and ever emptying postman sacks. Still at least now there will be a whole new consultative industry advising on GDPR, booming along making millions while real commercial companies struggle in this Brexit age with yet more red tape and bureaucracy at a time when things should be made as easy as possible for their growth.

It beggars belief that we constantly come up with laws of ‘protection’ but all we are really doing is hampering growth and creating jobs for pen pushers that when it comes to the end of the world will never ever be deemed to have been relevant or important, bullshit and bloodsuckers !!!!!!!!

Sad times,  and you know the very people that are the subject of protection, in the main, are not even aware of data protection until some idiot mentions on a call at some time they can’t disclose information about the date they last had haemorrhoid cream due to issues with data protection………. all about as much use as a rubber ladder to be honest…., but thanks again to who ever it was that thought this one up because it proves the old adage ‘you couldn’t make it up’ because you obviously can………….  another way of squeezing money out of industry, enforcing the recruitment of DPA officers and threatening scarily huge fines should someone get it wrong, however innocently. Well done again for creating fear in an uncertain time you little maggots !!!!!! I bet you all wear cheap suits and laugh at your own jokes……..

Still at least the mailing houses will have some fun again, oh by the way if you need advice on what you should do in light of the GDPR and to avoid hefty fines, I’m not proud, for a fee I will gladly come and advise just send me a message …..  What !!!!!!

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