The Performance

When asked recently to give a ten minute after lunch talk on where I think Direct Marketing will go or indeed should go in 2017, with instruction to inject some humour and of course to keep it to ten minutes here’s what I did..


Before I can start on some serious drinking, I’ve considered my talk and it got me thinking. How best I could grab you and not be a bore, so you’re not thinking of leaving by this hotels front door.

How can I stand here and best use this time, I know what I’ll do, I’ll do it in rhyme. So please lend me your ears if just for a while, and I hope that at least I can make you smile.

I will just tell you what I think clever marketers do, and if you take notice well that’s up to you. Of course all we want are fantastic response rates, but how the world is performing affects and dictates.

All of our marketing efforts are affected, by timing and news and how they’re connected. So just when you thought that the timing was right, some jackass does something to blow out your light.

Some things were foretold you would think were untrue, not long ago really, just a year or two. By leaders and experts, guru’s and scholars, if you’d bet on the outcome you could’ve lost a few dollars.

For example here’s one that some thought a shocker, a man to rule America who seemed off his rocker. But strangely true, fools have voted this chump, to rule over their empire his name’s Donald Trump.

And then cam the one that belief simply begs it, Farage and his chronies have led us through Brexit. My lesson is simple, when you hear a prediction, don’t always assume that it’s all based on fiction.

It’s how things are said how you grab peoples attention, how you stir up the masses and fill them with tension. Spinning a story just to gain some publicity, can damage your name and your brand authenticity.

The marketing used in the US election, is now being subjected to closer inspection. So those now trying to put the proverbial boot in, by saying Donald’s in bed with Vladimir Putin.

Have left it too late to change what was touted, if they’d doubted the content then they should have shouted. The power of words used in precarious ways, once out in the ether you cannot rephrase.

When Nigel and Boris banged on about immigration, it had the effect of splitting the nation. Their marketing rants were carefully conceived, leaving many now feeling that they were deceived.

The things that have happened however surprising, in some circles have caused tremendous uprising. But the power of marketing shapes how decisions are made, results that surprise us or leave us feeling betrayed.

So why have they asked me to this  splendid lunch? to tell you my predictions just based on a hunch ? No, far from it, you see I’m a Guru and my stripes have been earned, from being a marketer some secrets I’ve learned.

Before I predict what the future might be, I want you to listen very close to me. I have some things that I would like impart, Before we consider them just let me start.

By saying that all things in life are based on perception, how you market your goods, how it leaves an impression. People are swayed by the things that you say, decisions are reached due to you every day.

So marketing by definition defines what you do, if handled correctly it brings rewards to you. But mix up the facts and that leads to deception, how your message is told could harm your reception.

As important of course are the vehicles you’re choosing, the media options are vast and confusing. The hot topics of choice include Facebook and Twitter, WhatsApp and LinkedIn they all leave me bitter.

You see I hate being bombarded online every day, I find it intrusive it just gets in my way. As it does for the millions that are leaving this media, due to the fact that it’s getting much seedier.

Try doing a search for incontinence pads, and see how your Facebook is filled up with ads. Of things that they think are right up your street, but it simply annoys you so you click on delete.

So much of marketing is now automatic, one of the one’s used is called programmatic. Don’t get me wrong I’m not being bombastic, I actually think that it’s truly fantastic.

I know this is how the future must be, It’s powerful stuff and I know you’ll agree. But as we evolve in this push button age, technology now seems to be all the rage.

A bit like self service in Sainsbury’s or ASDA, designed to make shoppers shop even faster. And how about the new store called Amazon Go, no people employed to improve their cash flow.

You pick up your goods and then with a zap, everything’s charged to your mobile phone app. Cars without drivers, whatever next, everything ordered on phones via text.

A world without workers now seems the rage, but who may I ask is earning a wage. To spend on the goods that you want in their basket, it can make you go crazy till you’re blowing a gasket.

You’ve got to be clever to get a return, to get them to spend whatever they earn. On your products and service and all that you do, so what is the answer, well I’ll give you a clue.

If you want to be good, no not good but be greater, you must always ensure that you’re using clean data. You see like the banks when they say cash is king, without clean fresh data you can’t do a thing.

So when you are planning to push out your brands, and want to be sure that you know where it lands. Whether online or offline makes no difference you see, it’s all about targeting and I’m sure you’ll agree.

In order to get the response that you’re needing, to get someone interested and then to start reading. About what you’re selling and why they should bite, you need to be sure that your target is right.

If you want to excel and ensure that you win, if you don’t want your message subscribed to the bin. Your marketing mix must always be tested, to see what works best with what you’ve invested.

So inbound, Outbound, search or direct mail, in order to see that your campaign doesn’t fail. Whether viral, referral, or lead generation, ensuring your message gets out to the nation.

Augmented reality may be where it’s headed, smart phones and video’s cleverly embedded. With your messages carefully penned, be sure of your audience before you press send.

Whilst response is affected by events and world news, some of it enough to drive you to booze. One thing is a constant in this world that we’re in, using great data will ensure that you win.

My other advice is about saturation, marketers that have an online fixation. Constantly pushing their ads in this way, now the average consumer see’s 3,000 a day.

Yes it’s cheap I admit but response rates are weak, and that’s why to win you must be unique. Why not make a phone call or just write a letter, I still think the old style is really much better.

If your data is right and your message well penned, you may just succeed by bucking the trend. I know that some think me an old dinosaur, plugging the old ways I can be seen as a bore.

But mixing old formats with those that are new, might give you response rates that help change your view. On how you are planning your campaigns this year, If I’m wrong, and you show me then I’ll buy you a beer.

These days like many I get little post, I get bombarded online but it’s mail I like most. So whilst online is great I think mailings are better, there’s nothing as nice as receiving a letter.

So here’s my prediction for what the future may hold, if you want better responses you’ll have to be bold. A resurgence in mailings is definitely impending, so start licking your stamps and then begin sending.

Well I’ve done what was asked I’ve delivered my rhyme, thank you for giving me so much of your time.









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