Social care costs meltdown

Now we are witnessing the biggest meltdown in social care costs we have ever seen and the only solution our government can come up with is to raise NI contributions and tax, why can’t they see the bloody obvious !!


This is going to be one of the most controversial blogs I have written and the last one on this theme before I return to advertising and marketing.

I, like everyone else have been listening to the news coverage on the problems we are now facing with the rising costs of social care. The press is all over this topic like a bloody rash and we are all being told that there is no more money left particularly for those of us getting to an age where we worry about our futures. The government simply raises NI contributions and taxes but this is just throwing money down the drain. Older people are having to sell their houses to pay for their care yet no-one is stating the obvious. We have already paid for our care through our taxes and NI payments, so where has all the money gone.

The National Insurance was set up in 1911 and it was originally intended ‘for workers who fell on hard times’ anyone needing medical help could also claim from the fund. Over the years the system has changed and the money is now used for the NHS, unemployment benefit, Sickness disability allowances and the state pension. One other big point here is that the government can also borrow from the fund at any time to fund other projects and they most certainly do that, and they don’t have to tell us what those projects are, that should make your mind boggle.

Now of course the culture of this great country has developed in such a way that we have hoards of benefit fraudsters that have never worked a day in their lives yet believe it is their God given right to claim from a system that they have never contributed to. Yes there are genuine claimants of course but there are more that now consider benefits their income indeed they refer to it as their money, their pay!! Of course we should all know that unless you put something into a pot you can’t take something out of that pot because of course it will eventually be empty hey ho!!!!!!

Here is a genuine overheard conversation in a local coffee shop frequented each and every morning by a bunch of people that have never worked and are happy not to, trust me, because I heard this one and my blood was boiling…..Woman “Yipppeeeee I just got confirmation this morning that I am now officially an alcoholic……gonna get more money hahahaha” !!!!!! My partner had to hold my arm to prevent me from standing up and blowing my fuse at them. This is the culture now in the UK. So many people on walking sticks that don’t even know how to use them correctly, complaining of bad backs just so they don’t have to work but can instead claim as much from the system as they like…..

Now here’s another one that will blow your socks off and one that not many are aware of… I won’t use real names here but believe me this is true and I have witnessed this first hand. I live on the Kent coast in a seaside town and as such we have dozens of care homes and half way houses and one to one carers employed in the town. I have friends and family members that are care and support workers both in the NHS and in the private contract sector. There is a man, let’s call him Tim. Tim is now in his early 50’s. He was born with severe physical and mental problems and as such his Mother literally dumped him with social services when he was a small boy because she couldn’t cope. She then left the UK to live in Ireland and never came back… that is a story in itself and my opinion is the responsibility of any child or any other relative is 100% the responsibility of family and not the social care services. So now Tim becomes the states problem, in other words the tax payers problem. Tim is provided with 24 hour care in a small home where the other five residents are equally disabled. They have two carers at three shifts a day, that’s six carers per 24 hours. I think that acceptable to a point and of course there should be some form of care provided for these people.

Now the Equality Act of 2010 comes into play and if you have the time to read the thousands of words and understand it good for you, I would rather chew nails and sew my eyelids together. Here’s what happened to Tim (and the rest of the residents in his small home) It was decided that he should have a better quality of life, that he should have independent living. By the way I have met Tim several times and he doesn’t even know who I am, has no memory, can’t talk or walk. He simply sits curled in a heavy duty wheel chair dribbling and screaming most of the day until he is hoisted into a bath and then hoisted into bed. Anyway I digress, Tim needs independent living according to local government policy makers. So around 6 years ago Tim gets his own flat, his own car….well one that can accommodate his wheel chair in the back so that his carers can drive him around!! but it is his car, he gets three carers on shifts of 8 hours a piece for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Also as part of his independent living he has to be taken to the cinema, restaurants, holidays, theatre as it would be considered unfair to deprive him, though remember this he doesn’t know who he is, where he is or indeed the people that constantly care for him. Now here is the biggest shock of all, Tim gets benefits, he gets among other things a full disability allowance !!!!!!!!!!! so now you can start doing the maths….. I already have and it works out that with his care which is provided by a private contractor, his car, his apartment, his benefits etc etc etc he is costing the UK tax payer around £200,000 per year.  I am not saying that we should abandon Tim, as his Mother did !!!!! but what nut sat and decided that Tim, should warrant a cost to the tax payer of £200,000 per year. Just think about that for a minute, in Tims original home there were another five residents who each got independent living, added to Tim that is £1,200,000 in terms of costs….. Now look around your town and see the severely disabled out and about with their one to one carers and whilst that means we live in a kind and caring society it also means that we live in a pretty dumb one too.

You see, this could be organised and run so much more efficiently and cost effectively and we could literally save millions of pounds that could then be used as it should be for our NHS and for our elderly who have actually paid for it already but are now told it’s all spent. So the next time you think about the 15 year old that gets pregnant and is given benefit and housing, the next time you see the lazy sod drinking coffee all day but getting job seekers allowance to not go job seeking, the person walking with a stick that can’t even coordinate the correct leg etc etc etc remember it is you and I that are paying for it, you and I that are being told there is not enough money in that pot so we will have to pay more and we will have to sell our homes and give up our savings in order that we can sit one day dribbling in a wing back chair watching re-runs of the Jeremy Kyle show……

And of course it doesn’t end there, we have half way houses where people with social problems are housed among them people who are suffering from obesity, I ask you !!!!! one of my close friends is a support worker to people that don’t actually need support they just get classified in a certain way and that entitles them to care and housing and benefits.

Just leave you with  this though about Tim, multiply Tim’s current costs by 1,000, which of course is nowhere near the numbers of so called independent lives we are financially supporting, have you worked that out yet ?????? £200,000,000. Like I said, if we keep allowing policy makers and governments to provide for every Tim, Dick and Harry we are all going to end up penniless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  By the way here’s a sobering thought, the cost of 1,000 independent livers would pay for 8,000 NHS nurses !!!!! Leave that one with you ..

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