I’m worth how much ??

Having made the transition from a business owner of 27 years to now putting it out there on a for hire basis I was surprised to see just how much I go for and it made me think.


Well I am still getting over the hurt, shock, amazement and downright fecking cheek of it to be honest. I just came in at little over £30 per hour from the latest offer. You should see what they want me to do for that, just about everything but part the bloody red sea and turn water into wine at the staff Christmas party, which incidentally at this rate will definitely have at least one vacant chair at the table.

Amazing that after 35 years in this bloody industry I can command as little as around £200 per day in order to walk on water. It got me to thinking though about how we all value people in our lives, both in business and at home. I mean when was the last time you looked at someone in the work place and thought to yourself ‘You know, without you this business would be just that bit duller’ and when did you say to that person ‘You will find an extra bonus in your wages this month simply because I couldn’t have done it without you’. Or you could take them for dinner or treat them to theatre tickets. It doesn’t have to be much to make someone feel valued and respected and it can actually pay real dividends.

And the same is true at home. I mean you might think yes but I’m the one out all day earning the bread to put on the table. But at least that table is set when you get home and the bread is buttered. So how about coming home with flowers or a good bottle of something sparkly just to show someone that they are appreciated. You never know what that might get you in return (if you know what I mean).

What I am trying to say is don’t insult someone’s value. Think about it and give them their worth. It’s a lesson that is well learned and something worth putting into practice. You see there is always someone else just around the corner who is prepared to pay the reward and strip you of your asset, and you don’t always know what you have got till it’s gone and believe me, once it’s gone you will never get it back.

So for £30 per hour I will not be getting out of bed, you see, Social Security will actually pay me about that amount to stay in bloody bed. So I am open to sensible offers and you will be amazed at what I am prepared to do for the right sum, get my drift !!

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