Milking the debate

The great debate, who would you choose ? It’s being talked about everywhere, in the pub, on the radio, TV, and yes the London cabbie even has an opinion. Yesterday I noticed a live vote on social media giant Facebook, have your say and click now!!


We have had this for so long now it’s driving most of us nuts. The choice is limited it’s just two in the race with not much between them. Each one as derisive as the other. I know many that say neither should be given airtime and I belong in that camp too.

So the Strutters or the Builders which team do you bat for or would you rather not see either one at all. Oh you thought this was yet another line about the Trump – Clinton pantomime. Sorry to disappoint you. This is about that really irritating TV commercial, so over milked, promoting Money Supermarket. I honestly have not yet met anyone that speaks of this ad with love. One performer was annoying now there are two teams competing, twerking in order to outdo the other.

In my house we hit the mute button and close our eyes or use this time to channel hop. My brother, during one of our ‘let’s put the world to rights’ conversations in the pub simply says he would never use Money Supermarket, ever!!! simply due to this crap ad!

I wouldn’t think Money Supermarket are bothered, with turnover set to hit an astonishing £330m in 2017, but does that give them the right to push this garbage on the viewing public. As more and more TV stations enter the entertainment stratosphere the competition for annoying advertising is ever on the increase. The ‘We buy any’ with their awful jingle and that bloody dreadful ‘Go Compare’ opera singer and, I mean who the hell is Barry Scott from Cillit Bang !!  what’s that all about. They just seem to be getting worse and more painful.

Then some of them have the nerve to ask us to like them on Facebook, I mean why would any sane human waste their time to like Cillit Bang on Facebook?? well actually, people do and some of them pop up on my page you know, like, John who liked Trivago !! I mean why John, have you nothing better to do with your life?

People used to complain about what they termed as junk mail, that sometimes it was inappropriate, distasteful, poorly targeted……. but isn’t this worse than the occasional letter that didn’t hit the spot, I definitely think so. So much TV advertising treats the viewer as if they were moronic and susceptible to mindless brainwashing. It is both insulting and intrusive and I am leaning more and more to the channels that have no advertising or of course downloading from the internet. So you see, if you keep treating your viewing public like idiots they will eventually disappear, well all apart from John that is, who gets his kicks from ‘liking and sharing’.

As for the other annoying, repetitive, idiotic, condescending, patronising, arsewipes all I can say is God help America and God help the rest of us because one of these jerks is going to have total control of the nuclear button and then all advertising will be irrelevant as we sit and wait for the BANG and I don’t mean Barry Scott’s Cillit Bang !!




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