The new generation

Advertisers beware of the new age and don’t make assumptions. The next generation are sending out some very clear messages about how you communicate with them, ignore them at your peril.


I recently read a post on Linkedin put there by a young 30 something professing to be a marketing strategist offering help to businesses looking to increase their market share. He was referring to recruiting media professionals and in particular to the older of us who have lost the plot with the demands that we make. He was actually quite derogatory in his remarks and referred to some of us as dinosaurs who have lost the plot. Well that was like a red flag to a bull and I along with many others commented on his post. I stated that if it were not for dinosaurs like me, then blinkered idiots like him would never have evolved.

It’s the old story you see, assumptions being made on what the youth of today want to see, how they want to be communicated with and what pushes their buttons. None of which will be known to us dinosaurs because we are simply not up to date with what is going on in the new digital age where it’s all about mass electronic media. What a pile of crap !!

The problem is that most advertisers are not listening to the younger generation at all they are listening to morons like the aforementioned  30 something twit!!

I recently asked my visiting Godsons, aged 7 and 9 years what they would like as a special treat for lunch. They chose that well known fast food establishment McDonalds. I would not usually encourage this but they are great kids and they eat healthily so once in a while, what does it hurt. We went to our local branch and it had been completely updated. No more ordering from the human at the counter, it’s gone all touchpad !! we had to place our orders on screen and wait to be told our collection point. My Godson’s, not encouraged by me, did not enjoy the experience. I asked what was wrong with it and they both agreed that it was too posh and where are all the people that used to work here and how unfair that was. Out of the mouths of babes eh!!

One wonders where McDonalds did their market research because our conversation was overheard by three young school girls who chipped in and said they hated it and would probably find somewhere else to eat rancid burgers ! I added that last part myself sorry just couldn’t resist it.

I would think some 30 something was definitely up there in the planning of the new McDonalds eateries, someone so disconnected to the youth of today, someone making assumptions on what might be cool and win over yet more chip and big mac stuffing kids.

You see in this digital age of ours who would have thought that vinyl would make a comeback and that it would be cool to own a turntable again or that when Heinz tried to halt production of Salad Cream because it was considered by their marketing expert to be too retro, it would cause such outrage they had to bring it back again and with gusto!

Consider this, 39% of Instagram users are aged 16-24 and only 16% of Facebook users fall into that category and the numbers are on the decline, yet this same age group in a recent 2016 survey have clearly stated that they are receptive to direct mail. They are 18% more likely to respond to great direct mail than the rest of the population. They are 32% more likely to trust something they receive in the post than they are to trust what they see on the internet. All of this information and what do you think, this age group are 52% less likely to receive direct mail even though they would be the best responders. Mmmmm these young marketing strategists really are missing the prehistoric point here methinks!!

This is, we are told, the new digital age. We have dropped traditional marketing because we believe it draconian, The DMA (Direct Marketing Association) in the good old US of A has actually dropped the term ‘Direct’ because it feels it only refers to direct mail and we are now in the new age of digital marketing. I am informed that the UK DMA is about to do the same thing as they consider the term ‘Direct Marketing’ to be old fashioned. Oh dear, oh dear….. remember Salad Cream..

Yes of course there are so many ways of reaching and hitting your target audience but please don’t ditch the very thing that works, keep it in the mix and test, test, test again and compare results. Listen to what young people want, they are the next generation of responders and they are running away from sites where they know they are being bombarded by advertisers chasing after them.

I may be one of the dinosaurs but I am not so stupid to think that ditching a form of ‘Direct Marketing’ that not only works but is loved when done well, is a good thing.

2 thoughts on “The new generation

  1. Hi Lloyd – this one made me smile. I’m just entering the Ice Age, so I’ll shortly catch you up! A small suggestion – are you able to add a LinkedIn Share this button – as I’d like to share there? Have a good weekend.


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