Beanz Meanz

A million housewives everyday pick up a tin of beans and say Beanz Meanz ??


Heinz of course. Penned in a pub back in 1967 who would have thought this ad slogan would still have been recognised almost 50 years on. It evokes memories of childhood for me and warm cosy nights around an old black and white TV with the fire roaring and my dear old Mum in the kitchen preparing food, and yes, though times were tough, no Mother back then would have anything other than Heinz beans nestling inside the otherwise sparse kitchen larder. When these ads played we would all sing along. There were others from the 60’s and 70’s that appealed back then ‘Go to work on an …..?, The ……..? ring of confidence, The ……. ….? are on me, A finger of ……. is just enough to give your kids a treat, And all because the lady loves ……..?, ………..? made to make your mouth water, There’s a fragrance that’s here today and they call it ………?. Made with triangular almonds from triangular tress ………?

You may or may not recognise some of these, for some of us the tunes are as familiar as our favourite songs. I can remember even saying that I liked certain ads and talking about them with friends and family. They were a part of us, part of our daily lives and people believed in them.

Now fast forward to 2016 and we are bombarded by ad after ad on certain TV channels most of us use this time to put the kettle on or to open another bottle of wine, or we simply do some channel hopping until the ads have finished. Now what does that tell you. My older brother was forced into going to see the new Bridget Jones movie the other evening but almost walked out of the cinema as he was subjected to 30 full minutes of on screen advertising. It’s enough to drive you mad. We have it everywhere, we are soaked in it, saturated, brainwashed. Having to listen to that bloody awful Gio Compario  (Wynne Evans) belting out that annoying song on the Go Compare ads that have now recruited the London cabbie who keeps saying ‘Fantastic’ is enough to make you scream and cry. Even worse is the fact that they have pledged a further £5m in the TV ad campaign so we are to be subjected to yet more of this tripe.  These companies don’t even make anything they are just brainwashing the viewer/listener into remembering their name, it’s blatant advertising bullying and it’s so bloody irritating.

But it works! and that is the sad thing about this rubbish, it seems that if you keep repeating the same old shit, people have it lodged in their memory. Does that make it clever? I think not, I think it just insults the audience and preys on their inability to think for themselves and make a judgement which is reflected in the fact that Go Compare are actually an advertising portal and not a final purchase destination.

I do believe that TV advertising will become a thing of the past and not in the too distant future so advertisers are going to have to get smarter about their spend as their medium choice changes. Unfortunately of course we seem to be producing a generation that only need to be brainwashed and not sold to.

By the way the missing product names from above are Egg, Colgate, Milky Bars, Fudge, Milk Tray, Opal Fruits, Charlie and of course Toblerone. Oh for the olds days eh !!!!!!

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