321 back in the room

I have been in PC twilight zone for the past week so that is why I have been unable to write to you, my viewing public and it’s all down to Rick the Dick and Matt the Twat at a well known retail store.


As I have previously written I had to take a voucher to a Currys PC World store in order to purchase a new lap top recently. The voucher awarded to me following an insurance claim after a burglary at my house. I was using an old lap top but that finally gave up the ghost and was riddled with so many viruses that it was time to get out and bag a bargain. I also had a time limit in which to spend the voucher and, before any of you think it, I could only spend at the aforementioned store.

So as you will no doubt be aware from the previous blog (take a read ‘Are you being served’) that I had already experienced Rick the Dick at one store. He single-handedly destroyed Gary Bookers (CMO) vision of the campaign ‘We start with you’, that was until I met Matt the Twat at the larger store in Ashford.

I entered the store a couple of mornings ago and with my PC savvy shopping companion, headed straight for the display of shiny new lap tops, we were not acknowledged by any of the staff but that was OK I wanted to have good look before being sold to.

I found one that looked right for me, my companion informed me that it was perfect for my needs so we didn’t need to involve any of the staff in lengthy pitches. We stood by the lap top and both looked around the huge store trying to get the attention of one of the staff who all seemed busy doing very little. My companion decided to walk off and try to catch one while I waited. He caught a reluctant looking one with a name badge that identified him as being Matt. I told him that I wanted this particular model and in the same colour as the one on display. He wrote down the model number on his note pad, said little to me other than he would go and check the stock. He looked bored and I must have pulled a face as I was told to calm down and smile by my companion. A few minutes later we saw Matt walking, no not walking more like ambling toward us, at the same time he was texting on his mobile phone. When he finally reached us after I mumbled under my breath ‘good job there’s not a fire in here’ he announced that they were out of stock in that model in all colours and that maybe I shold try online. He said all of this in a monotone voice, there was no offer of checking with another store, no offer to look at an alternative he simply stared at me.

I was not impressed and with the aid of my crutches started to leave the store. I must have had a bit of a face on me because I remember passing another member of staff who looked about to speak to me but I ignored him because I was so frustrated. I made it to the door and suddenly realised that I was alone, I turned to see my trusty companion looking at another lap top and having a conversation with the chap I had ignored. I was beckoned to join them and reluctantly at first, I did just that.

My companion informed me that apparently the laptop he was now looking at was better than the one we had chosen and was a staggering £50 cheaper, this he had learned from a chap with a name tag that read Les. My companion then went on to inform me that Les had tried to speak to me but he stood back as I looked too aggressive…….. I said that I was frustrated and certainly not an aggressive person……. again read my blog ‘Are you being Served’ and you will get to see why !!

Aggressive – Ready or likely to attack or confront

Frustrated – Feeling or expressing distress and annoyance resulting from an inability to change or achieve something

Les, went to check stock, Les came back and said he had plenty, Les then asked me to follow him, Les then sold me a lap top. Well done Les, shame on you Matt and Rick. AND shame on you Mr Gary Booker maybe you should take a lesson from that popular TV programme ‘Undercover Boss’ before you start ranting about the customer experience and wasting all that money on advertising to get people into your stores. Oh and by the way I got the customer satisfaction survey emailed to me this morning, boy did I enjoy doing that !!

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