Surround yourself in colour

It’s Sunday again, time to send out for more wine supplies as my usual gathering of colourful people start queuing at the door for a place at my table.


For years I have been known for my Sunday entertaining. The huge roast dinners, gallons of wine, decadent flower displays, only the very largest wine glasses and over the top desserts with lashings of cream. The last few months though,  have been just a little different but incredibly interesting.

As many of you will know I am still recovering from what was a life threatening accident and as such have been confined to the ground floor of my home for some months. It hasn’t been easy in a physical sense because of my frustratingly limited mobility, also it has taken it’s toll emotionally. There have been days where I have been so low that I didn’t think I would have the strength to crawl back up again. I will admit that I have cried quietly, had dark thoughts and have even suggested that I have been far too much of a burden to those around me.

One of the strangest things that I have had to deal with has been my Sundays. I can’t even operate my waiters friend to open a bottle of rioja such is my pathetic strength, let alone being able to peel a potato, mix up the batter for Yorkshires or indeed lift the saddle into the oven. By the way, for those of you not familiar with a waiters friend it’s not some guy from the local gym, it’s a sprung corkscrew used by professional waiters, google it if you are still none the wiser.

Then one Sunday a while ago my dear friend Peter arrived for a glass or three and bought with him a little entourage. I had managed to get my partner to agree to cook and that was the start of my new Sundays. I am pleased to say that over the past few months I have entertained and been entertained by an incredibly colourful group of people. As the weeks have gone on, the group of Sunday attendees has evolved and grown and now they are bringing their own food and taking over my ovens.

I have dined with a European concert pianist, an evolving Asian fashion designer, a Chinese writer and poet, a South African jewellery designer, a Philippino entrepreneur, a Paris based MBA lecturer, a Zimbabwean bank official and so many more and it has been enthralling, mind blowing, thought provoking, charmingly argumentative and fantastic fun. Most of all it has taken me out of the doldrums and given me something to look forward to each weekend. And here’s the bonus, they like my company and have made me feel worthwhile again.

I have already received a text this morning asking what time would be good to drop off food and start prepping in my kitchen. I have sent out for the wine and now I look forward to seeing who shows up, because sometimes one or two of them are a mystery. I do know that one of our guests today is an octogenarian and an acclaimed painter, who also happens to be one of the Nazi persecuted kindergarten Jews and descended from the great composer Mendelsohn. We will also be joined by a representative from the Dutch embassy in London ( her second Sunday visit by request I might add) The conversation today should be interesting and I hope controversial in a friendly way of course.

Sundays at my house will never be the same again. I am introducing and meeting with the most amazing people. I think I may have started something here. All I have to do is to hold out my wine glass in my good hand of course and who knows who might be filling it for me. This has re-taught me a very important lesson. Surround yourself with colourful, crazy, vibrant, interesting, soulful, beautiful people and if just a little of their magic rubs off on you, well, that’s not a bad way to spend and end a Sunday is it.

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