Cookies belong in jars

Some of us dinosaurs helped pave the way for an online marketing revolution but certain members of the new breed of ‘marketeers’ have taken this industry back to the dark ages all in the name of progress.


Yes our systems may seem archaic now but 35 years ago we were better at targeted marketing than the new online breed are right now. It’s become obscene, taken to another level of personal invasion of privacy, it’s intrusive, down right bloody annoying and winds most of the populous up big time.

I, like many others on this planet check Facebook probably more than I should but each time I log in there it is, ‘To help personalise content, tailor and measure adverts and provide a safer experience we use cookies’ And so does every other bloody website too. I mean if these cookies are so good at measuring me how come this morning I got ads for teeth implants, happy socks, Cruises and pet insurance to name just a few of these boxes that I constantly press the ‘hide from view’ icon, then have to explain to FB why it’s not relevant. My teeth are OK thank you, I haven’t worn socks in four months due to illness, I have never been on and never want to go on a cruise and my dog is two years past his sell by date. So what cookie system FB is using is beyond me completely.

Then it’s on to dear old gmail I mean come on for fucks sake!! I don’t want to complete an online survey, I definitely do not want even more happy socks, I mean where did that come from and no I do not need Viagra !!

It’s as if the whole world has gone mad for online and have disregarded privacy and instead chosen the let’s throw as much shit against the wall to see what sticks and who clicks system. There is no thought behind it and yes I know how the billing works and that’s just plain dumb as well. It takes no skill to place a dim looking advertisement on social or business media, the people that do this are not professional advertisers they are space buyers. It requires no experience or thought and anyone that says it does is a fool. Get back to basics for goodness sake. I can think of dozens of fantastic inexpensive Direct Mail campaigns over the years that would knock this cookie crap straight back in the biscuit jar where it belongs. Come on get a little more inventive and stop pestering people, it’s because of this saturated ‘advertising’ that we have pen pushers constantly coming up with ways to control the rest of us, you en masse shit throwers are giving the rest of us a bad name and you need to control it.  Now!!!!!


One thought on “Cookies belong in jars

  1. The EU meddled in 2012 and modified how the use of cookies was to be monitored. In most cases a cookie is just a tiny text file that says whether you have visited a site before so that the site content can be taylored to be relevant, whether the first time you are there and explanatory windows or the 76th time featuring altered icon sets.

    Those lazy but ultimately genius marketeers saw an opportunity to record your browsing history, creating a traceable and tradable record from your unique browsing number (IP address), building a profile of internet activity to generate the most targeted advertising ever.

    It doesn’t work, why?

    We don’t browse the internet the way we used to, we don’t visit manufacturing websites or research the next big thing. We get spoon fed information about what the “must haves” are through social and mainstream media, making cookie chasing totally redundant. This is where it get creepy……


    The government has been tapping into these browsing records. The backdoor “snoopers charter” where the authorities can use your online history to build psychological profiles and target people of a certain “type” in the search for undesirable types. A futuristic matrix of the entire UK based on IP addresses, made whole as online personas and psychological profiles. Going beyond targeted marketing, to targeted incrimination by association. How many times did user 12.14.16 search for the phrase “xyz” – where “xyz” is an illegal activity.

    So, from marketing to creepy population control and shadowy figures in the dark. I have seen a lot of people turned off by the internet, once a tool for freedom of speech a social mirror highlighting injustices and a tool for change, to an over policed platform and yet another tool to control freethinkers.

    Mr James, I am with you, bring back proper marketing… And free the web from tyranny!


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