Roast and Rioja it’s Sunday

No advertising speak today as it’s the day of rest. Someone suggested that I give an update on me, that’s novel !! The reason being I haven’t been around much in the past 18 months well here’s an insight into my life for what it’s worth. It’s been a bit rubbish !!


So I’m sitting here in my back yard mending bones after taking a fall in a well known supermarket car park. That is not my only reason for intensely disliking our dear friend Tesco it just adds to the list of things that they get so wrong. You see it was a sunny Thursday back in May when at 11am after listening to Pop Master I walked from my car toward the entrance to Tesco and, almost there I stubbed my right toe on a small decorative curb and fell with a thump. The result two broken ribs, one broken clavicle, double fracture to my wrist, bruised lung and the worst part a shattered femur. There I was unable to move and in immense pain. I was cared for by passers by and completely ignored by the staff in the store who could clearly see me. It was only when being loaded into the ambulance gulping huge amounts of gas and air for the pain that they decided to come out and see what all the fuss was about, too bloody late mate, I was whisked away, you had your chance to get the accident book out but you failed miserably. Now you will pay for your incompetence.

Now I have a new femur courtesy of a 12 inch steel rod and I walk with the aid of a gutter support zimmer frame until such time the surgeon decides that I can start to walk again. Let me tell you, three months without a proper shower and confined to the ground floor of my house makes you think about a lot of things. It has been a strange 18 months commencing with the loss of my business Lloyd James Ltd. It is now that I publically declare that I am no part of Lloyd James Media the phoenix company that rose from the fire back in February 2015. Well you only have to look at the website to see that it has nothing to do with the £35,000 I paid for a much snazzier one, the new one is crap!! I have more pizzaz than that thankfully.

I blame myself for losing the company in many ways. I lost interest and I neglected it after having it for almost 26 years, once you stop driving the business you lose control and even though I had a fantastic person at the helm, she knows who she is, it crashed. I could have, indeed should have saved it but everything seems to happen so quickly and once the accountants, banks, administrators and of course the new bidders for what was left get their teeth into it there is little you can do. They keep the name Lloyd James and I have to watch from afar. They ride on my 26 years of business and I get to start again. Am I bitter, let me think about that for a while, yes I am but with myself and as they say, life moves on.

I decided to take some time out to see what else would happen what offers would come. Nothing, no calls, no lunches, no dinners, no emails absolutely nothing from within the vibrant marketing community of which I had played a part for some 37 years.

Then I went through two burglaries, an assault, a nervous breakdown, fell out with family and friends over nothing and finally ended up here in the back yard, just a bag of broken bones.

I have now decided, with no one to answer to and with all the experience that I have to pass on my advice. In order to give great advice you need to have had great successes and I have but more important than this you need to have made mistakes and experienced failures because it is from these that the greatest advice can come. I  am now painting again something I had forgotten that I loved, so wrapped up was I in the corporate world, I am writing a book, no not about marketing there are too many of them out there already, mine is about life and the comedy of it. When I am healed again I have a new venture that is so far removed from what I have spent most of my adult life doing it’s going to be a challenging adventure.

Lessons to take from all of this. We are much stronger than we think both physically and emotionally. Never trust a man that shakes your hand, looks you in the eye and says ‘trust me’. Allow yourself time to be creative. Be thankful for the family you have and the fact that no matter what shit you throw at them they are always there for you. Surround yourselves with crazy people. You can live on little money. Big houses just get filled with lots of stuff. Lidls do some great wines. Isn’t that a stupid way to spell Lidl. All Bankers are absolute Wankers. Leave your dignity at the front door because when you can’t walk without assistance, how your shit smells means nothing. Never employ an accountant to sit on your team, keep them at arms length. Trust only those that would wipe your arse in a crisis. And now the roast and rioja are calling to me so I must go and enjoy my Sunday the only day that the bankers can’t get you. Have fun always.


2 thoughts on “Roast and Rioja it’s Sunday

  1. Spencer Clarke

    Hello Lloyd – thanks for sharing this. I had no idea that things had got so challenging for you. Having been through something similar in 2010, I can understand and sympathise with much that you say. Glad to see that you’ve retained your no-nonsense character and sense of humour – and that you’re emerging on the ‘other side’ of this period. Hope that our paths cross again in the near future. In the meantime, we’re connected on LinkedIn – so please get in touch if you’d to speak. I’m enjoying the other blog posts. Enjoy your painting, roast and Rioja. Spencer

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  2. Lloyd, I always like to read a moral at the end of a story as it makes me think it’s learning I can take with me where ever I go. I like the idea of the book and maybe a series for TV perhaps? Good luck with your recovery and don’t forget Tesco are likely to have you on CCTV falling over as I thought you might like a memento of the moment!

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