Let’s stay with the thieving supermarkets for a while.

Let’s get one thing straight right now, the big FOUR; Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons and ASDA, they don’t grow or produce anything, they are land and property owners and they spend colossal sums of money on marketing and advertising to brand their name and to get the masses in the store, don’t be fooled!!



They just want to get the shopper in the store, as many as possible, get them spending and get them out as quickly as possible. They are ‘shopper traffickers’ and ‘profiteering megalomaniacs’ who have systematically helped to undermine and destroy small independent retailers and blitzed our high streets turning them from epicentres of colour and social gatherings into ghost towns with rows of charity shops.

Don’t for one moment believe that when you purchase a can of Sainsbury baked beans that they have a factory somewhere providing work for canners and food technicians because they do not. They simply get well known brands to package for them so that in turn they force the supplier to compete with them with their own pricier branded goods. It’s a game, they are simply providing the space with shelves and charging by reducing margins to their suppliers.

Then they spend millions on line and off line trying to convince the shopper about how great  they are. My point is this, the shopper is revolting !! they are starting to see through the endless tirade of insulting advertising because now we have some new kids on the block who simply say it how it is. Lidl and Aldi are up front, they are no a no frills offering, selling cheap. They are not treating the consumer like a fool and they are winning !!

The lesson here is a simple one, there will come a point when the customer will start to get wise if the message is weak. If all you are doing is chasing the money and not enhancing the experience or the offer, if you are simply throwing the proverbial shit against the wall to see what sticks then you will maybe a flash in the pan but I guarantee you will fade away, as my Mother used to say ‘The truth will out’

If your marketing spend is generous because you truly believe in what you are promoting that’s fantastic, but continue that spend and cut corners elsewhere then suffer the consequences.

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