The myth of the top five steps to successful marketing !!

Following my first post in which I gave you my top five pointers in order to achieve the best results in marketing your product or service I have a confession to make…. there is no such thing as five or even ten top pointers in order to achieve a successful campaign. The reason is simple, every campaign is unique and whilst there are rules to follow, as I have mentioned, there are many conditions to take into consideration. I will be addressing them here on a daily basis.


They have to do with timings, dates, budgets, approach, weather, audience, price, quality and so the list goes on. I will also be talking about some of the worst ad campaigns ever and some of the best. Also if you are expecting text book advice on here, get down to Waterstones, I am not educated to degree level, I didn’t go to university or do a gap year in Thailand. I learned everything I know by listening and observing, by testing and by sheer hard work. My first job was cleaning toilets so when I say I worked from the bottom up, I meant it. I’m going to do my best to make this educational as well as fun. You can take from it what you will and ask questions. I will be back starting tomorrow with some basics.

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